Assassin Game

This assassin game is effectively a free running game with a bit of killing thrown in. You have to chase through the war riven kingdom in pursuit of riches and may have to take out some of your enemies as you do so, luckily you have your trusty sword at your side to slash those who stand against you. Jump over objects that block your path in the wintery realm and enjoy the stunning backdrop to this atmospheric game. Instructions for play vary depending on the device you are using, so check in-screen.

After you play this online assassin game, why not check out our other games? You're sure to enjoy Temple Quest, below, another game where there is a lot of running as you navigate an ancient temple in search of gold. If you enjoy platform games you'll probably also enjoy Avoider where you have to jumpo at the right time to avoid moving platforms or get crushed.

Temple Quest

Temple Quest Game

Temple Quest is another our of atmospheric games in which you have to run through an ancient temple collecting coins and other treasure but, as you would expect, there are many pitfalls on your journey from pits, badly built walls and rickety pathways that could lead you into danger.

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Moving Plaform Game

We like this online game. It seems simple enough, just jump and avoid the moving platforms. Oh, if it was only that simple... (Hint; it isn't!)

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