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School Wars Game

Your goal in this Japanese strategy game is to annihilate all the others schools gangs and take control over the school war zone. Yes, this is real school boy fighting action online!  You get to see the school boys actually pummelling each other as the school wars take over and the education system goes out the window!

School Wars take some time to get the hang of. You get to choose your gang (start off with black, it's easiest) then watch the colourful signs on the footpaths and seize the spots by standing your own gang member on it for a while. It will become your own gang colour. The more territories you control, the faster you get new units. If your gang members rest on the hearts they regenerate health.



School Wars Game

To command a unit, simply click it with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and then click a target (an enemy unit) or a destination square. To select multiple units to command, click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag a box around the units you wish to move. You can only get to see a bit of the School Wars battle scene at once so click on the overview on your right hand side to see the School Wars action taking place elsewhere. Good luck! After you play this free flash School Wars game, why not check out and play our other free online arcade games? If you like strategy games like School Wars, our World Domination and Youth Club games are well worth a look.



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