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This is one of our favourite logic games not least because there are no rules. Well, actually there are rules but you have to work them out for yourself as no clues are given; and they can change as you progress through the logic game.

Each of the logic sequences has a name which gives a clue as to your challenge and, as ever, it starts off easily enough, but becomes really intriguing as you encounter more baffling logic. But it is solvable. After you play this Impasse game, why not check out and play some of our other logic games here at the Purely Games website?



Logic Games

To play this puzzle use you arrow keys for movement with the aim of the puzzle to get the circle with the "+" sign to meet with the tick on the right hand side. If you hit any of the other pieces you will end the game. Okay, that sounds easy, well, to start with yes. In the later stages, a definite no. As you start each level check out the title of the puzzle as it gives a clue to what you may have to do.



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